Pronunciation: Die-e-va

Stage 0

This creature starts as a small leafy plant with long tendrils that curl around anything nearby.

Stage 1

After a while a large bloom appears on the main body of the plant showing it is ready to grow onto the next stage.

Stage 2

The plant has now shed its leaves and a young creature has appeared from where the roots should have been. This shows the link to its distant cousin the mythical Mandragora.

Stage 3

Now having grown up a little the odd creature still shows plant like qualities while looking like a small herbivore. You can also tell the difference between normal leafy Dyeva and the rare flowery breed by now. The long whip like tails develops into sensitive leaves or petals that can be used to pick up energy or vibrations.

Stage 4

In its adult form this animal plant is beautiful and graceful, its most at home in deep wild forests where its mottled skin or bright flowers gleam from the life energy around it. The flowering breed is rarer than the leafy breed, possibly because their nectar and sap are much more potent for healing uses. These creatures often protect rare plants from harm and make good guardians of forests.


Gywnren Forest

Other info

Breed group:  Plant
When available:  Always
Does it battle?  No