FANDOM Welcome to the Felkyo Creatures Library

Welcome! Here you can find out about any of the virtual creatures of the Felkyo website. You can find out where they come from, what they can do, and all sorts of other random information. You can also read up on all the items and what each one does. Theres even some lore if you want to read up on the stories behind the site. You can either click on the books below, browse the categories, or use the search engine depending on how you want to find whatever you're looking for. Enjoy your stay! Categories

Here you can simply browse the libraries catergories which organize creatures and items by several things, including location, and breed type.

Creature Item Other
Areas Locations Lore
Breeds Types Stats
All creatures All items Felkyo site link The Main Library Room

As you enter the oak panelled back room through the dark doorway your eyes adjust to the dim candlelit, and your jaw drops as the small room is lined with shelves all the way around which are crammed full of all sorts of books. There must have been a book for everything in the universe here! In the centre is a thick oak table with a bright flickering candle where you can read the books. 

Reference books

Books that contain more informtation besides creatures or items, such as lore or people.

Item Books

Books that are full of helpful items.

Creature Books

Books containing info about every creature on the site.

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