Pronunciation: Score-prey

Stage 0

The Scorprey insect hatches from this smooth and brittle cone like egg. There is an odd red symbol on its subtly moving surface. The eggs are only found in very hot places like the Carulien desert.

Stage 1

The baby Scorprey is a tiny creature, it can easily perch on a fingertip. It's armor is still soft though and it tends to hide in small cracks until it starts to harden. For anyone owning a baby Scorprey this means they will need to check little warm places such as in the bottom of shoes or in between book pages to make sure their pet doesnt get crushed.

Stage 2

As the Scorprey grows its armor becomes darker and tougher. Its attitude is more brash and sudden at this stage in its life as well. It no longer hides but will sit in high places waving its pincers and poison tipped tail at people.

Stage 3

Having calmed down by the time it is fully grown the Scorprey can be an impressive pet. They have a dark glistening carapace covered in small red symbols, red tips on their pincers and tails display the deadly weapons. The poison from their tails will act immediately, first shutting down the nervous system paralyzing the prey or threat before killing off vital cells and organs. It is excruciatingly painful, but the effectiveness depends on how old the Scorprey is, and where the person was stung. If someone is lucky enough to have the antidote nearby they may be saved. They can be trained to sit still and look like ornate jewellery or decoration, which has lead to them often being the perfect pets of assassins.


Carulien Desert

Other info

Breed group:  Insect
When available:  Always
Does it battle?  No